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December 23 - January 20

Today's Horoscope for Saturday June 23rd

Not that you'll be telling loved ones where to go, but it may be that you need to just walk your own track a bit. Don't get yourself stuck in a corner where you feel that everything is kind of getting on top of you. You don't want to be ordered around. Be slightly careful about you handle things. It's important not to become obsessed with one matter, so focused in on the tiny details that you can't see the broad picture.

The Weekly Outlook from 18th June

Maybe you are feeling more vulnerable than usual with the Sun in your opposite sign, but there is support around if you look. Ask for what you need, but be prepared to compromise as well since relationships mean give and take. Find reliable, energetic mates on whom you can lean. You're going to be very happy around your special people this week. You will be working hard to gain the approval of your wider circle of best buddies.

Your Monthly Horoscope for June

Much as you'd like to be off having fun, needs must that practical chores are attended to and financial matters given consideration. Nothing will succeed like sweat and determination. Even if it doesn't feel glamorous, just know that perseverance will pay off in terms of giving you more security. If you can stay on top of detail and be aware that miscommunications are likely, then you'll wade through your to-do list in double quick time. Luckily the affectionate support of a close partner will keep you smiling. And when you can grab time off you'll be in social demand. Your hopes for the future will stay high with enthusiastic friends around keeping you heading in the right direction. Your feelings will be magnified after mid month so you'll adore some people and dislike others. If you can moderate your responses it'll help. The Sun moving into your opposite sign for the final ten days will bring support and encouragement from a close partner. Try not to be too defensive and shut them out.

and Next Month's Horoscope for July

Togetherness and financial security will be your priorities this month. You'll want a helping hand wherever you are at home, work or play and the more you can share and care, the better the responses will be more those close. Enthusiastic friends will also be around and your optimism about one plan will prove to be justified. There will be one moment before mid-month where you may dig in your heels and refuse to budge. Try not to over-control since it won't work well. Being less self-sufficient and more adaptable will bring you closer to the right people. After the 22nd you'll be more secretive, your feelings more intense as you wrestle with confidential dilemmas. You'll be keen to push ahead with certain money plans but will need to get the agreement of others which won't always be forthcoming. Try to tone down your approach and at least appear conciliatory. Flying of the handle may not get you what you want.

Year Ahead 2018

Your optimism will keep you sailing along in good spirits through 2018. Friends, new and old, will be around to boost your morale and keep your focus on what's coming next. Not all of their advice may be realistic though it'll always be cheering to hear. Just check out in advance before making decisions for yourself. Keep networking since the universe is behind you.rnBut for all that you will be more serious at times with Saturn now in your own sign making it clear you have to keep your feet on the ground. Part of its influence will be to prompt you to clear old baggage of any variety that you no longer need, out of your life. Whether in possessions, attitudes of mind or even people you no longer have common interests with. Think of a plant being pruned back, which stimulates new growth in time. Then apply that to your life. Just don't be too standoffish or give in to self-doubt which could happen in odd moments.rnYou'll be busily sorting out your personal finances in the first few months, taking the initiative and ensuring that your long term security comes before indulgences. Then after July you'll be keen to reorganise joint finances, where you share responsibilities with others. The Leo Eclipse will nudge you into changing the way you handle co-operative agreements, financial and emotional. Be open to the idea that maybe your old approach is outworn, so trying new terms of engagement would work better.rnClose relationships will be going through a period of adjustment also from July for a few months as you seek to reach new understandings both internally as you ask yourself what you really want, and with partners. You will feel unsettled at home, wanting to say on the move, perhaps anticipating another relocation soon. All of which makes it tricky to put down roots. But you will be aiming ultimately for more freedom.rnLate in the year you'll sigh with relief at getting more time to yourself.