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February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday October 16th

You are feeling strong, secretive and more determined than usual today. You will not readily divulge what you are thinking, feeling or planning to any but your nearest and most intimate partners. Though you may become hurt if you think a friend is off talking to someone else when you want to have their full attention. Try not to overreact. This is all down to the Moon which is very fickle. Within two minutes the situation will have changed again.

The Weekly Outlook from 15th October

Aim to be involved around teams and social gatherings at work. There will be good feelings and some self-indulgence. But sometimes you try to fit in just for the sake of fitting in, then get cross with yourself because you feel you've not been true to what you believe in. Don't get too impatient later in the week. You will achieve little by direct action or confrontation. Indeed the harder you push the less you may succeed, so try to develop patience.

Your Monthly Horoscope for October

A sensitive, watery sign you generally like to flow with the tide and drift with the currents. However needs must you dig in your heels to resolve certain confidential financial and emotional matters. Answers won't come quickly so you'll need to persevere, dig deep for answers and be firm as well as flexible. Compromises will be needed if you're to gain the security you want and more fulfilling relationships. Luckily there will be distractions from a more adventurous social life with outings in fun company to new places. Certain pet projects will be going slow, so you'll need patience. Backtrack if necessary to rethink your plans over coming weeks. Then when the time is right you'll forge ahead. A more enthusiastic phase starts in the final week, so you'll start planning in earnest and be keen to broaden your horizons even if it means taking a few small risks.

and Next Month's Horoscope for November

Your heart will be yearning for distant shores, exotic trips and stimulating activities. If you are anchored to the spot, then you'll be seeking other ways of inviting more adventure and excitement into your life. This is not time to stick to routines or think small. Be expansive, run with your enthusiasm and follow your visions. There will be a few brakes on what is possible until mid-month with Mars stuck out of sight in the sign before yours but you can always plan and dream. What will give you a definite boost will be lucky Jupiter moving across your midheaven from the 8th for a year ahead. Whatever you turn your hand to at work or in your community activities should work out more easily and successfully than you expect. Your reputation will rise with respect and recognition coming your way. After Mars zips into Pisces on the 15th, staying till the New Year, you'll be off at speed, sweeping obstacles to one side. The final week will be hard work but your efforts will pay off with a rare triumph on the 26th.

Year Ahead 2018

Following your star is very much a Pisces trait, but in 2018 early on you'll be asking yourself exactly which of your dreams you want to be aiming for. Taking time out to wait for insight to strike may seem a bore, but it will pay off. There is an answer buried deep inside you, perhaps connected to the past, which needs to emerge. And you won't manage that if you are scurrying around at high speed.rnYour enthusiasm will stay high and your ability to get your message across to a wider circle of acquaintances will please you. Not all of your plans will be workable, so be prepared to trim back on over high expectations.rnFriends and team relationships will require extra effort. At times you may be a touch discouraged since there will be fewer around than usual, but the ones there will be rock solid in their support. They'll insist that you keep your eye firmly pinned on the longer term. With their sound advice you'll be getting a game plan together.rnYour finances will continue to be fairly erratic. Sometimes good and sometimes not so great. Just budget sensibly when there is surplus around and you'll cope well. Perhaps also turn your mind to exploring new ways of improving your cash situation. Not taking risks but an approach better fitted to your present circumstances.rnFrom July your thoughts will turn to work and romance. You'll need to ensure your health and fitness regimes are running well and boosting your stamina since you'll be landed with more chores. And also to give yourself the energy to go out to play. Your social life will be getting a reboot. If you've been feeling out of the spotlight and not getting enough attention, then you need to give it. Hand out hugs and compliments and your popularity will soar.rnLate in the year several projects will be a great success so you'll be showered with appreciation and respect.

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