Your Starsign



July 24 - August 23

Your Birthday Horoscope

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, enthusiastic and expansive, though you'll know you're at a turning point. Key decisions need to be taken about your path ahead and since it's your life only you can make them. Don't be scared to break the old moulds and head down a different direction. Loved ones will be supportive and your self-confidence will soar. Just don't over-commit yourself since your energy won't be limitless and chores will pile up.

Today's Horoscope for Monday August 20th

Bouncing around with more enthusiasm and gusto than usual, you'll be forging ahead. There's a spontaneous, boisterous mood in the air as far as you are concerned. So you'll let it all hang out in a way, and step happily into the spotlight. You will also want to nurture loved ones and friends out there in the social scene. Just don't smother them, because they may not all take to it very kindly. Just keep entertaining them and you'll be adored.

The Weekly Outlook from 20th August

You are being drawn to the good life and all it brings with it, which never comes cheap. But you won't be happy unless you can also boost your nest egg. It's not a week to sit around and relax: you want to keep moving. You need to soak up the energy by making sure you're doing as much as you can to learn new subjects. You got yourself stuck recently, and now is the time when there's more sparkle and excitement.

Your Monthly Horoscope for August

You'll want to go one way and partners another, so there may be some differences early on. Try not to over react and be too stubborn just to prove a point. The Solar Eclipse in your own sign is a hint that you need to take a look at your life and decide what needs to alter in the months ahead. This is a challenge which if you rise to it will bring more satisfaction ahead. Don't stick your feet in the mud and continue along the same track. Be bold and see where a change could breathe more inspiration into your lifestyle. Hard work will be unavoidable after mid month, so remember that putting as much energy towards health and fitness as you do towards duty will be important. And try not to be too perfectionist otherwise you'll over burden yourself. Pleasure and security will be on your mind in the final days so you'll be spending and saving at the same time.

and Next Month's Horoscope for September

Can you afford to give into temptation and not upset your budget? That's the key questions since you'll be pleasure-bound and still keen to protect your security. Finding the right balance between spending and saving is one answer; increasing your income is another. One way or the other your mind will be firmly focussed on your finances. Slow to make up your mind, you won't budge once you've reached a decision. You'll stay on top of detail, read the fine print so no one will pull the wool over your eyes. They may try but you'll be onto them instantly. Keep double checking all the info and advice coming your way. Home will be happier with chances to indulge and you'll be considering new decoration schemes to bring more elegance and colour into your intimate surroundings. Your energy levels will rise towards mid-month and though close partners may be a touch argumentative, they will pitch in with more help if you play your cards right. Though you won't always be in a mood to fit in with Uranus throwing a few firecrackers around. Your everyday schedule will speed up from the 22nd so you'll rarely be bored.

Year Ahead 2018

2018 has similar Eclipses in Leo and your opposite sign of Aquarius, as they did in 2017, so you will find yourself at a crossroads, where you have to make crucial judgements about what comes next. Sitting down to talk to close partners will help to make the adjustments needed for a fulfilling future, though from mid-year you'll be more independent-minded for a few months, since you'll know the decisions have to be yours, not anyone else's.rnLooking after health and fitness will be vital, since you may overload yourself with work. Learning where your limits are will teach you to pace yourself. Listening to your body does not come naturally to you as a Fire sign, but you won't be able to go-go-go constantly without feeling the effects.rnAdventurous travel will be on your mind, but if you are sitting still, you will still find excitement and stimulation in exploring new belief systems and ideas. And happily you will be able to relax comfortably at home and in your intimate surroundings, feeling more secure and contented within yourself.rnTaking care with finances will be important with Neptune hanging around, since not everyone around will give you reliable advice or indeed be entirely straightforward. Force yourself to double check and don't be gullible.rnNear the year end your social life will reboot into a more vibrant phase. You'll be stepping out boldly with renewed self-confidence to meet a favourable reception from everyone you meet.