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March 21 - April 20

Today's Horoscope for Saturday February 22nd

You'll be impulsive where cash is concerned and not listen to advice. But you could find that bright inspirations lead you new ways of making money. Just try to control your more reckless ideas.rnYou are a curious mix of original and rather earthy so your schemes may seem whacky but they will have a practical result in mind. You know you can't keep ploughing the same furrow but have to grasp and indeed initiate new opportunities. You'll be open to expressing yourself boldly finding your truth and then walking it.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th February

Into a retiring, not at all pushy few weeks, you'll want to step back, take stock, recharge your batteries and let others do the running around. But you also know you need to shake yourself out of situations where you've been too timid and haven't faced up to people, or been sweeping your feelings under the carpet. So you'll have one or two tasks to accomplish before you wind down completely. Don't be too explosive in the way in which you express yourself. Letting your irritations surface too quickly won't be helpful.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

A friendly, forward-looking few weeks will keep you on your toes, racing round different groups of friends and sorting out longer term plans. You'll be thinking big and aiming high though won't always be realistic so listening to advice will help from more practical mates. But for all that your enthusiasm will be an inspiration and carry you further and faster than being cautious. Your social and romantic life has been in a lull but after the 7th you'll bounce back out onto the party scene, looking great and attracting compliments. After midmonth you'll be into top gear, working hard, expecting everyone around to toe your line. Try not to come across as too bossy since it won't produce results. Into the final days you'll see changes in your financial situation which will be positive if you don't do anything too hasty. Your efforts will be paying dividends but you'll also want a chance to wind down and sit on the side-lines once in a while.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

A drifting and daydreaming first three weeks would suit your mood. You'll be tempted to do less and lose yourself in a private inner world, or just put your feet up and let others take the strain. Needs must, however that you give yourself a nudge along the way since there will be projects requiring your attention. What will help are two triumphs which will revive your ambitions and give you the impetus to put in more effort. You'll also be on a spending spree and know you need to refill the coffers if you are draining them to fund indulgences and treats. Irritating delays will disappear after Mercury goes direct on the 10th. In the final days your birthday Sun will give you a shot of adrenaline and bounce you out to be more exuberant and engaged in social and other activities. You'll be sorting out longer term plans and putting more effort into friendships and team activities. They may not run as smoothly as in the past so be prepared to act as a peacemaker.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 starts the way it intends to continue with challenging questions about how much work and responsibility you want to shoulder. Saturn will bring rewards for past efforts but can also drag mistakes into the open. Pluto close by will bring tensions, a desire to succeed but also resistance from certain people who want the upper hand. Then just as you feel stuck along comes Jupiter to sprinkle a little stardust and luck around career matters. So it'll be a whirlygig of good, not so great and indifferent. March, June and November will be highs of success and rising confidence.rnTeam relationships will require more effort to keep them running smoothly between March and July, and the same goes for certain friendships which will feel separated.rnYou'll need to keep your eye firmly on your personal finances since there will be unpredictable comings and goings with surprise expenses and equally unexpected bonuses coming through. You'll need to continue budgeting for an erratic flow of income.rnAt times you'll want to disappear off into daydream-land and drift along, leaving the hustle and hassle to others but you won't manage it for long.rnThe eclipse cycles will move on to gradually shift your focus away from home and family matters towards ways of finding more adventure and reaching out for more mind-stretching your horizons. You'll be juggling various schemes, planning to travel further afield or take up new hobbies.rnWhere your year really revs up is in the second half from late June till the New Year with Mars in your own sign. You won't take no for an answer, will sweep obstacles to one side not always tactfully and stamp your foot to get your own way no matter how many arguments it causes. Just watch you aren't accident-prone or inclined to shoot yourself in the foot at times since you will hash and crash ahead which won't always make for smooth progress.rnBy the year end your optimism will be high and you'll be looking forward to a lighter, brighter few months ahead.