Cyril Ramaphosa – a tough road ahead



Hopes are high in South Africa that Cyril Ramaphosa’s election as head of the ANC, putting him in line to be the next president, will be a turning point to clear out corruption and reboot the economy. A politician, businessman, activist and trade union leader, he was born 17 November 1952 in Soweto, and was Mandela’s choice as his successor. Although there are some questionmarks over his financial associations, he is publicly against the corruption which has burgeoned under Zuma and stagnated South Africa.

He has a redoubtably strong chart with a Scorpio Sun and Moon square Pluto and an Aquarius North Node. He’s also got a pro-active Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus squaring onto Neptune Saturn in Libra, which last aspect often pushes for a fairer society. There is nothing remotely easy about his next few years with upheavals and disruptions in 2018 with tr Pluto opposing his Uranus; and tr Uranus having one more insecure square to his Mars early on. Then tr Pluto in 2019/20 continues the long haul round his T square, squaring Saturn Neptune – devastating, confusing and requiring endless perseverance. Finally tr Pluto is conjunct his Mars in 2021/22 which is hugely frustrating, trapped and high-risk. All of this may be the gigantic task of getting South Africa onto a better track, which won’t be easy. But he’ll be up against vested interests and a good deal of resistance.

He fits the South Africa 27 April 1994 12 am chart well since his Scorpio New Moon falls in the SA 10th house.

That country chart looks very nerve-stretched and edgy through the years from 2019 to 2022 with tr Pluto conjunct the 12th house Neptune Uranus in Capricorn. Though there will be a radical change of direction in 2019/2020 with tr Uranus opposition the MC, conjunct the Taurus Sun, and into 2020 opposition Jupiter for a better mood at times.

There’s a deal of implacable dislike between himself and Zuma, which will come to a head around 2019/2020. Zuma’s 2nd Term chart looks bullish through 2018 so he won’t go easily; but tr Pluto is squaring his Aries Sun on his personal chart in 2018/19 so is under considerable pressure; with major disappointments in 2019.

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  1. this is fascinating!!! Care to do an update? I understand we are moving into the age of Aquarius – how does that affect both SA and Ramaphosa?

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