Donald Trump v FBI – bulldozer meets brickwall



Trump is up to his usual trick of blaming others for precisely what he’s guilty of himself. The upper echelons of the FBI and Justice Department were tweet slammed by him this morning for politicising the ‘sacred investigative process.’ This is the president who demanded that his security and legal chiefs be loyal to him personally rather than their country or their professional principles.

Devon Nunes, a Republican, chairman on the intelligence committee, who already has form for crossing lines in his efforts to toady up to the president, has been described as an ‘Inspector Clouseau’ in his efforts to throw doubt on the FBI’s conduct of its inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in US elections. The memo which is about to be released according to committee members has been doctored from the one which had been agreed and the FBI have, unusually, argued publicly against its exposure.

Nunes, 1 October 1973 is a tough-nut Sun Pluto in Libra trine Jupiter and square Saturn; with an opportunistic Jupiter square Mars in Taurus. His cross-overs with Trump aren’t that remarkable, if anything rather ill-starred. Their relationship chart has a composite Jupiter square Pluto which can be a struggle for the upper hand, but initially it can invoke a joint sense of over-confidence which prompts the pair into unwise actions. Nunes looks upbeat this month and completely blocked after mid March with tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint on and off till late 2019. But he’s just a bit player.

More interesting is Trump’s relationship with the FBI, 22 March 1935. The FBI chart has a ferociously determined and working-with-the-criminal-classes Mars in Libra square Pluto in Cancer which crashes into Trump’s Saturn Venus in Cancer. When Pluto is conjunct Saturn on synastry it can, if handled well, involve both parties in serious responsibilities. If mishandled it leads to mutual suspicion and competition for power, resulting in intrigues and lawsuits.

The Trump/FBI relationship chart says the same in different ways, a composite Mars Neptune indicates an ego-clash where only one can win and when they do the other feels diminished, so not mutually supportive. Plus there’s a composite Mercury opposition Jupiter square Pluto – leading to one-upmanship games and a struggle for power and control. That T square starts to be seriously rattled from this June onwards with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto, upending the relationship and sending it into new territory. That will continue to rock n’ roll through 2019.

The FBI itself looks infuriated with tr Pluto square its Mars after mid March, on and off till late 2019; with a Uranus return late April/Early May (and again into 2019) also causing upheavals. A troubled time for the agency with Solar Arc Uranus square Mars in 2019. Though they’ll regain their confidence and chutzpah in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto sextile their Jupiter.

Trump at present has tr Uranus square his Venus for an emotionally excitable (shocking) time all this month; plus tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter/Pluto till early March which Ebertin describes as : ‘the inclination to deceive, to cheat and seduce; a general disappointment, suffering damage or loss through others without being aware of it.’ And exactly now till Feb 13th tr Saturn is square his Neptune, which is usually uncertain, neurotic, panicked. His Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars in Leo is now only four months to exact, with the probability of catastrophic events triggering earlier.

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  1. I am convinced more than ever MARJORIE, that you are a left wing globalist. Trump was elected by the American People, that’s called democracy. I am a Brit and used to feel an affinity with the USA. Sadly, you look so foolish at the moment with all this Trump business l feel embarrassed for you. In the uk if we are not happy with our government, we show our feeling at the ballot box and vote accordingly. Instead of all this childish undemocratic woffle, why don’t the lot of you wait for the next election and vote with your feet,which would make things much quieter, because at the moment, sadly, you all look so stupid.

    • “When one with honeyed words but evil mind
      Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”
      ― Euripides, Orestes . And he lived two and a half millennia ago.

      Wouldn’t describe Trump as evil, he just hooked onto a mob-happy slogan – MAGA – and got lucky. The Roman emperors used to throw the plebs ‘Bread and Circuses’ keep them quiet. He just adapted it to modern circumstances and I doubt at the end of the day the voters are going to feel paid back for their loyalty at the ballot box. Don’t feel remotely embarrassed for me. I’m a big grown up person.

    • Wow, I feel embarrassed for YOU Michael. You are very emotional about this issue. I wonder why?

      Actually, don’t tell me but just want to say that’s exactly what it’s called … a democracy. Which also means freedom of speech (more or less). Therefore we are all entitled to air our views on this open forum that Marjorie has kindly set up to read each other’s opinions whether we agree with them or not, and respect them accordingly. You are also very fortunate to be able to add your comment about not liking what you read. Do you know that there are many countries in the world that don’t allow this freedom of speech? Of course you do. Respect it for what it is … agree or disagree …. it is your prerogative and if you really can’t stand it a second longer? Then leave the website …. X marks the spot … click on it and leave! It’s your prerogative to do that but no insult throwing please… that is definitely not allowed.

      Have a great day!!

        • And an ad for a foot long ham sandwich just popped up. Too bad I can’t have one. Got to stay trim, so I can do some high kicks in the voting booth. Remember, vote with your feet in 2018!

          • Hot off the Fake News presses – Trump wants credit for having no plane crashes on his watch…so can we also blame him for the Amtrak train wrecks?

  2. From a John Cleese tweet:
    One should never forget the first principle of the old KGB ” Always accuse your enemy of exactly what you are doing “

  3. On the Steele dossier. There is no such thing as en “ex” MI6 agent working in an area as politically sensitive as this. Which means his “former” bosses will have been privy to the investigation, and so therefore would their opposite numbers in the US. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this yarn, the US security authorities would have known about Steele, and his investigation, from its inception.

    • Trump goes golfing and lets the weasels have run of the henhouse. Now he can safely tweet, “I knew nothing…” Hadn’t considered this viewpoint.

  4. Four separate judges approved the warrants. Warrants are not renewed unless there are significant findings that justify continuing judicial observation. The memo, which I have read (and it’s an easy read because of its extreme brevity), is a clunky hodgepodge of right wing talking points couched in sophomoric legalese. Not much there, apart from the same old conspiracy theory…certainly nothing new to hang your hat on. It will be fascinating in four months’ time to see what transpires with the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Trump’s Mars in Leo that Marjorie mentions. As far as Other Deborah’s assertion that the voting choice of “millions of Americans” is being challenged…isn’t that the point of the investigation, to get to the bottom of whether the results of the election were legitimate? There is vast, well documented, multi-sourced evidence of Russian interference and targeted misinformation disseminated in the 2016 election. Since Trump’s refusal this week to enforce sanctions against Russia imposed by CONGRESS, the picture is even more bizarre. Thank you again, Marjorie, for focusing on this. It feels as if we Americans are living in a banana republic these days…frightening times. It appears Trump won’t stop until he transforms our FBI into his personal Secret Police, complete with loyalty oaths extracted from career law enforcement officers.

  5. Before you hang you hat on the Papadopoulos line, Steele gave the dossier info to the FBI on July 4th. The Aussies did not contact the FBI until after July 22nd. Just because the FBI didn’t file anything until October has nothing to do with this.

    So minor VOLUNTEER advisor Papadopaulas’ drunk ramblings to an Australian in a London bar is all that was needed to get a FISA warrant? No it was the Steele Dossier that triggered that. The Left has seized on Papadopolous as a distraction and to keep the Russia story going. If Papadopolous had ANYTHING to say, any tale to tell, anything at all that Mueller could use against the President, word of it would have already leaked.

    Bottom Line: No FISA warrant without Dossier. Which means no Russia collusion story without Dossier. Which means no Mueller special counsel without Dossier paid for by Clinton/DNC. And this is just the first domino to fall. Stay tuned.
    Worst abuse of power in our history.

    • You appear not to have read your own precious memo very carefully: “The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok.”

      The Papadopolous information, not the Steele dossier. Not that there’s anything about the Steele dossier that would preclude it from being part of the evidence presented for a FISA warrant.

  6. Pass that popcorn, larryc! Next scene, shoot-out at the FBI Corral. Mueller stands legs apart, a six-shooter in each holster. Trump quick draws, and finds his tiny fingers can’t reach the trigger. Bang! Indictments fly out of the barrels of Mueller’s guns… be continued….

  7. DId you even read the memo? Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS for a Russian dossier put together by a former British intelligence officer, which was used to convince a court, misleadingly, to spy on the Trump team. Steele was directed by Fusion GPS to leak information to Yahoo News.

    Then the FBI used the Yahoo News article as source in the FISA application. Fusion GPS was literally going to the Mainstream Media, and leaking information from the Fake Russian Dossier… Then Fusion GPS was going to the FBI and leaking the same information…

    Turns out that even after questions arose about the Steele Dossier, the FBI kept using DOJ lawyer Bruce Ohr as a source—pay no attention to fact that he’s married to Nellie Ohr, who works for Fusion/GPS.

    Voters need to remember Democrats did not just spy on and attack Trump, they attacked the voting choices of millions of Americans. The memo reveals a clear violation of President Trump’s and his campaign personnel’s Constitutional rights, as well as an attempt to use the intelligence community to alter a Presidential election. This is treason and people need to be prosecuted.

    There continues to be absolutely no evidence of Russian collusion, a made-up story to de-legitimize the candidacy and election of President Trump.

      • I don’t even know where to begin on Deborah’s post but for starters, Carter Page was being watched as early as 2013, two years before Trump announced his candidacy. Furthermore, you have to continue to go back to the FISA court and get a reauthorization every six months and you have to prove to the judge that you have made progress in the investigation or that the merit is there to continue. These applications typically run to about 50 pages long. There is no freaking way you can make 50+ pages out of the Steele dossier. Four DIFFERENT judges okayed them. IF Trump was caught up in the surveillance of Page, than it was not illegal as Page was under a FISA warrant. The Steele dossier was originally financed by a GOP group, not Hillary. Once Trump won the nomination, the GOP group dropped it. A Democratic group picked up the financing for it from there. Now, let’s talk about the hilarious notion that the FBI are all a bunch of Democrats and wanted Trump to lose. Andrew McCabe – Republican; James Comey – Republican; Robert Mueller – Republican; Rod Rosenstein – Republican. See a trend there? You really want us to believe that those guys are liberal converts? I’ve personally worked with law enforcement for years. I can tell you they are not a well-known supporter of liberals. Nunes didn’t author this memo, some flunky on his staff did and that guy has ties to the White House and is a regular guest at the White House which suggests collusion between Trump white House and Nunes in trying to obstruct justice by throwing out this red herring. You know who has read the supporting evidence that Nunes refused to look at from those FISA documents? Adam Schiff and Trey Gowdy. Gowdy read them and immediately announced he would not seek reelection and that he felt the Mueller investigation should absolutely continue. Gowdy, FYI, is the same guy who spent literally millions trying to find something, anything on Hillary Clinton. Whatever he saw in those documents made him not only back down from supporting Trump and Nunes but made him want to flee DC altogether. Meanwhile, Putin is laughing his butt off somewhere because he’s got something on Trump–but what is it? Whatever it is–it’s enough that he is absolutely terrified at what Mueller is going to find (good idea it’s probably money laundering–rumors have swirled around Trump since his NJ casino days about his ties to money laundering). You know who needs money laundered? Russians. Also? Trump refuses to put sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 elections. And they will absolutely try to do it again this year. But by all means, Deborah, please continue to be a useful idiot in spreading Putin propaganda designed to bolster up Trump and demonize the Democrats. They aren’t the ones who are cozying up to Russia. Trump is. We’ve got two guilty please and four indictments so far and counting (several more still under seal in the federal court system). It’s mighty funny how all these people have ties to Russia and they are all linked to Trump.I never thought I’d live to see people eagerly supporting selling out this country to the Russians. Remember, it wasn’t the third of the people in Germany who supported Hitler who were the real problem nor was it the third who vehemently opposed him. It was the third who did NOTHING to stop him.

        • Belle, I wish your comment had been here in the heat of the moment. Very powerful analysis by you. You had info that we all need to know, no matter what politics we embrace. TY TY TY

    • That’s the most absurd recitation I’ve read since the stupid memo itself. That any adult believes it bodes ill for the society. They’ve been looking at Page since 2013. The real question is why Agent Orange would make such a person part of his campaign.

  8. The FBI is a button down, conservative organization, very organized. The agents depicted in I, Tonya and Mindhunter depict that.

  9. The head games our president is playing with the American public…..beyond despicable. Trying to undermine our confidence in our justice system in order to save his own a**. How much longer are we going to have tolerate this crook? Hope your “catastrophic events” prediction pans out, Marjorie. The man is dirt.

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