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Melania has had a free pass up till now because of Trump’s appalling behaviour. But her fascist-slogan ‘I don’t care’ jacket worn in the most inappropriate circumstances is starting to swing opinion the other way.

Her own chart is fairly hard and very money-oriented with Sun Saturn in Taurus, and Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio, plus Mercury Venus in Taurus trine Pluto; and an ambitious Capricorn Moon. She knew what she was doing when she signed the contract to become arm-candy for a mega-wealthy, much married philanderer.

Her relationship chart with the USA is sagging through this year and next with tr Neptune opposing the composite Mars Venus, taking the shine off her aura.

Close to her childhood family and aggressively protective of their privacy, she brought her parents over to the USA, listed as living at Mar-a-Lago in 2007. They have become legal permanent residents and are on their way to gaining citizenship.

Her father, 24 March 1944, is only two years older than Trump.  He lived better than most in communist Slovenia, first as the mayor’s chauffeur then a salesman, with a question about tax evasion charges at one point and an illegitimate son whom he disavowed until forced by a DNA test to support. When GQ revealed all in 2016 the writer Julia Joffe was flamed in anti-semitic abuse on social media by Trump fans, which Melania did nothing to quell.

Viktor Knavs is a Sun Mercury (Moon) in Aries opposition Neptune and trine Pluto North Node in Leo with Jupiter also in Leo so flamboyant, pro-active, a go-getter. He’ll always have had grandiose dreams with Neptune Pluto in aspect to his Sun. He’s also got a hard-edged Saturn Mars in Gemini.

Melania is close to him with an affectionate composite Sun Venus in their relationship chart; an adventurous Mars square Jupiter; and a chained-together Saturn square Pluto. Though there’s a sinking feeling between them through 2018/2019; with more than a few jolts and anxiety spasms at the same time.

Trump is also friendly with him with a similar composite Sun Venus, which is surprising given Knavs’ Saturn Mars squaring Trump’s Moon opposition Sun.

Her mother Amalija, 9 July 1945, a Sun Moon Saturn in Cancer with a materialistic Mars in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo, has a cooler relationship with Melania with a composite Sun Saturn trine Jupiter; and a tense Venus Mars square Pluto.

The Black Shirt fascist slogan ‘I don’t care’ which became the rallying cry of Mussolini’s followers, symbolising their willingness to die for their cause, is still mystifying.  In the past she has echoed Trump’s diktats verbatim including the birther nonsense. Her father as a communist would have been anti-fascist – though truthfully there’s little difference between authoritarian attitudes and their dislike of those-not-like-us.  Zara, the Spanish retailer of the cheapo jacket, not her normal style, has form on questionable designs with swastikas, tee shirts similar to concentration camp outfits, and alt-right symbols.

Add onto that the fact that she appears to have no real interests, intellectual or political, apart from fashion, pilates and her son Barron, so it’s impossible to know quite what was going through her head, if anything.

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  1. No idea what the motive was, she is the First Lady. I was bought up in a more formal era, it was totally unprofessional and absolutely wrong to wear it while the controversy still rages regarding the refugee kids.

  2. It takes a very clever woman to use the power of clothes to convey messages accurately. Princess Diana did it brilliantly – maybe we expect other women in the public eye to be just as good at it. I’d say Melania isn’t. I’d say she isn’t in any way prepared to be a First Lady – never expected this when she married Trump and just thought she’d found a rich man. Nothing unusual about that – in fact, it looks like the American Dream from over here. Also – and I suspect this is what bothers people most – she doesn’t try and make us love her. She isn’t playing vulnerable or superstar or needy or the Mother of her People. She doesn’t need or want us to love her. She just wants to be a standard rich man’s wife and to be left alone. Which she just can’t have.

  3. I think it’s a pretty sure bet that Melania is extremely superficial, her over-the-top wardrobe being but one indication. Her “Be Best” campaign to end cyber bullying among young people is laughable, considering that her husband is the biggest cyber bully on the planet. IMO, she thoroughly enjoys being “on stage,” with the public riveted by her beauty and haute-couture clothes. That’s really what it’s all about for her. I think her controversial jacket said it all: She really doesn’t care. I’ll give her credit for one thing: She comports herself with great class, which is in stark contrast to the utterly classless comportment of her boorish husband. I’ve no doubt that she loves her son dearly. Otherwise, beneath the heavy gloss, there’s not a whole lot of substance.

  4. People in Eastern Europe are used to never betraying their real feelings or interests in public and were trained to keep an impregnable public persona as a protective shell for their real selves. Even if Melania has spent her life in a more liberal environment she will have been brought up by parents who lived, heads down, during the Cold War. I don’t think it’s surprising that she does simply as she’s told – the minimum that’s expected of her. It’s her way of survival and the way she can ensure her parents’ continued residency in the US.
    In Soviet Russia they had a saying: “the kitchen conversation” meaning that you can only reveal your feelings at home behind closed doors to your dearest friends and family. The culture in the US has always been more extrovert and expressive so it’s no wonder people find this baffling.

    • Lorna,

      I don’t find Melania baffling at all. Her behavior tells me exactly who she is. She does not need to protect her parents; she’s a wealthy woman (she’s insured that through Barron) and wealthy people know how to find lawyers. Her behavior belies your observation that she does not know how to express herself publicly: she wears an inappropriate pussy bow blouse after your husband has just announced he can grab any “pussy” he likes. She wears a coat with words of I don’t care emblazed for the whole world to see to an internment camp for refugee children. Which introvert poses almost nudes with scenes depicting “girl on girl” action. I say that’s pretty darn extrovert behavior.

      Others see class, I see skankiness.

      • Can you imagine the raging, revolving heads and froth-spewing mouths of the Trumpsters if Michelle O had worn a slogan jacket in public?

        • Don’t really have to imagine, considering all the times Michelle Obama was dissected, picked apart, vilified, and disparaged in the media (and especially on the right), seemingly just for existing, daring to be born black, female, and married to the source of all their racist ire (president Barack Obama).

          But the many discussions of her baring her arms comes to mind. Many other horrifically sexist, racist slurs and criticisms I’ve since tried to block from my memory.

      • (Reads post….nodding in agreement). Yep, that sums it up. Thank you for saving me the effort of saying something similar.

  5. Not a good choice or message when wearing this jacket. Backlash is expected. However, even if she had not wore this jacket nothing she does or tries to do works because she is married to Trump.

  6. Maureen Dowd of the NY Times, who has a pretty good bead on the Trumps, said Sunday that she thought Melania was most likely trolling the press. Dowd also noted that Melania is like her husband: “In times of national turmoil, she makes it about herself.”

  7. With all that Earth in her chart, she has to be extremely materialistic, hence extremely superficial. Not much depth there. It’s one $5,000 designer frock after another.

    • Except for a $40 Zara parka worn “casually”. I understand this woman at some level woman, but have no sympathy for her, and hold her accountable on what ever they are going to find on her. And they are, sooner or later.

    • In 2012 Kate Middleton spent approximately $70,000.00 on clothes. Markle’s wedding dress was expected to be over $400,000. Her Christmas outfit for 2017 came to approximately $10,000.00. She owns at least 5 Alpaca coats.
      Are the royals Materialistic? Extremely superficial? Perhaps they are just wealthy and like nice overpriced things?

      • Sweetie, they may like nice things but at least they don the facade of recognizing their own privilege and engage in charitable causes.

        This is not 18th century France though she may seem like the French queen.

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