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Round and round the mulberry bush and so the tension mounts. Will Trump fire Mueller now that he is daring to go where no man has before, into the Trump business finances; or fire Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, to insert a more pliable yes-man to do the dirty for him? Will Stormy Daniels’ case breach the walls of the Oval office? It’s knee deep in lawyers going ahead which fits with the focal point Pluto in the 9th in Trump’s Admin chart.

Rosenstein, 13 January 1965, looks undercut at the same time as Mueller has sinking-failure influences come this June. Rosenstein could go in April with tr Saturn square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which sometimes accompanies job losses. He looks devastated this month but will push bullishly ahead nonetheless. His relationship chart with Trump is under a dark cloud at the moment, getting jangled in June.

Mueller’s relationship chart with Trump has nothing on planets (without a birth time) but looks to be undermined in April with an upheaval late April/early May.

Jeff Sessions relationship with Trump is uncertain and suspicious at the moment; will be flaring up in June and more so in July.

Donald McGahn, the White House lawyer is similarly all over the place with Trump from mid May.

John Dowd, Trump’s personal lawyer for the Russia investigation, 11 Feb 1941, born 12 days after Dick Cheney, is a heavyweight Sun Aquarius sextile Mars in Sagittarius; with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus and Uranus also in Taurus square his Sun and trine Neptune. His relationship chart with Trump is powerfully confident with a composite Sun opposition Mars square Jupiter. There’ll be a major move perhaps with relief when tr Uranus squares the Jupiter come April. Though over-confidence could trip them up in the long run.

Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, 16 February 1971, is going full steam ahead with television interviews, claiming she has been physically threatened since making her allegations public. He’s a Sun Aquarius inconjunct Pluto and square Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius – not short of chutzpah or determination. He looks boxed in from tomorrow onwards for a few weeks; and isn’t winning in April with tr Neptune square his Mars. He’ll buck up come July. His relationship with Trump is fraught from now onwards in a do-or-die contest of wills. Their relationship chart has a composite Mars trine Saturn and opposition Sun – with tensions running on for several years ahead.

There’ll be a crisis point with Stormy Daniels and Avenatti, come the final few days of April into mid May; and again in early 2019.

So extrapolate what you will from all that lot. Trump’s track record is not to play fair, following his early lawyer Roy Cohn’s advice ‘always be on the attack, to counterpunch whenever punched and to never apologize. Never, ever, ever apologize – even if you’re in the wrong, because your opponents will take a mile.’ When Trump and pa were sued for discriminating against black people in their housing in the 1970s, they counter-sued the Federal Government for $100 million and the case was settled without them having to admit guilt, allowing them to claim victory.

What did America do to deserve this? Theresa May is a shining saint in comparison.


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  1. “The media” talking about Sessions, Mueller et al, would be Fox News, Deborah. They’re the only U.S. network providing an unironic platform for Trump’s nonstop character assassinations; and the Fox News demographic is white and old (mostly over 60). The Michael Avenatti data is fascinating and I wonder whether it will impact the 60 Minutes interview scheduled for March 25. Marjorie, your question about what America did to deserve this is compelling, and I’d love to have a definitive answer. The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica revelations this week have further muddied questions about the 2016 elections. Wonder if we will ever know in full what happened in November 2016, in terms of Russian manipulation…no one in the White House seems concerned about safeguarding the 2018 mid-terms from similar interference.

  2. I believe everyone here is missing a bigger picture. The smarter media folks have figured out by now that Trump is using his Twitter to make them do what he wants. “Must defend Sessions, must defend Horowitz, Trump’s attacking them!”

    This has happened over and over, just before the person Trump is ‘attacking’ does something such as fire McCabe or reveal a secret prosecutor.

    Remember a week ago Trump was tweeting about Sessions being lazy and Horowitz ‘is an Obama guy’.

    Then Sessions reveals he’s already got a secret prosecutor investigating the DOJ. Then Horowitz works with FBI OPR to get McCabe very publicly fired by Sessions.

    Even if they’ve figured it out, the media still has to go where Trump is moving the laser pointer. Right now Trump’s got the laser pointed at Mueller, so this week is starting with a slew of “DON’T YOU DARE FIRE MUELLER!” news articles and opinion columns.

    This is EXACTLY what Trump wanted.

    Watch what the media is saying about Sessions, Horowitz and Mueller by the end of this month. Trump is no dummy, no matter how much you want him to be.

    • Some of us don’t really care any longer what the big picture is or should be. Some of us are happy looking at the little pictures. And the perception depends on our mood and political personalities that day.

      As for Dorothy, well, we’re not in Kansas any more. “What did Amerika do to deserve this?” If you don’t like the reading and are taking umbrage, I suggest a couple of aspirin with that dollup of umbrage. Chill out.

  3. Marjorie,

    We need to look at the bigger picture here, at this moment in time
    Why Trump ?
    Why Brexit ?
    Europe in turmoil ?
    Rise of Antifa and Nationalists ?
    Fake news ?
    Pluto in Capricorn – Breaking down of governments, corporations, internal structures, institutions, the establishment
    Neptune in Pisces – Deception and altruism, illusion and delusion, the truth about sex,drugs rock and roll the dark net, paedophiles, sex trafficking
    Uranus in Aries – The self, It’s all about me the I pad, the I phone, I nstagram, I dentity politics
    We are creating chaos in the world with our own projections.

    Astrologers are putting too much of their own political spin into astrological analysis, your last comment ‘ what did America do to deserve this ‘ is a perfect example of your own bias.

    • Interestingly, while asking to look for a bigger picture, you are actually compartimentilizing VERY intervened happenings. A lot of which has to do with Digital Platforms (not just Social Media), how they’ve exploded since Pluto in Capricorn, how most people don’t understand them (and no, even people born in the 2000’s don’t necessarily understand them) and how those who understand them manipulate those who don’t.

      I can even point something, in your own post, that’s actually more a perception than reality, created by manipulating Digital Platforms. That “Rise of Antifa and Nationalists” did not happen 2 or 3 years ago. Antifa movement has been around since the 1980’s. And it was a lot bigger in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, when they mainly rallied for antiglobal causes, than it’s now. Nationalist parties have long existed in Europe, and gotten far better results at times they have in the past couple of years. There are people who profit from legitimizing extremists in the internet. Some of whom are or have been very close to Donald Trump. He would not have won if “PC” wouldn’t have suddenly been made seem like a swearword in the internet.

    • Dorothy, My personal crack was an outraged comment on the last paragraph and if you don’t find that kind of behaviour beyond appalling, well ……

  4. The difference is Theresa May never voted for Brexit she is just trying to achieve it to respect a democratic vote ( I voted remain). Trump has no sense of duty, he is an opportunist, totally for himself. There is no comparison between the two.

  5. What did the world do to deserve both of them? If he remains in office, as we pull out of the EU, the UK won’t know what’s hit it with Saint Theresa Desperado on her knees praying for any old detrimental trade deal with the US.

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