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Wave a magic wand and the Brexit referendum never took place. But with it or without it, the same planetary influences will occur. Tr Uranus will still move through the UK 8th house from circa 2019 till 2027 bringing deep-seated financial and emotional upheavals; with a peak-collision around 2021/2022 when the Solar Arc Uranus and tr Uranus conjunct the UK 8th house Mars; and the Solar Arc Midheaven will still square the UK Neptune around 2024.

Looking at previous occurrences:

URANUS THROUGH the UK 8th house:

1936 to 1943 – kicking off with the death of King George V, and abdication of King Edward V111 to marry Wallis Simpson, the Jarrow March against poverty and unemployment; Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement with Hitler, then World War 11 where it was not remotely clear in the early years there would be victory. Tr Uranus was conjunct the UK Mars for the Coronation of King George V1.

[During this period in 1942 Solar Arc Neptune was square the UK Midheaven when Singapore surrendered to Japan, arguably the most devastating loss in British military history.]

Uranus in UK 8th: 1852 to 1859 – the Highland Clearances, the Crimean War (a war of “notoriously incompetent international butchery”.) which was declared on the final transit of Uranus to the UK Mars.

[And if once assumes minus mathematics work: Uranus in UK 1801 8th: 1768 to 1775 – American Revolution leading to the loss of the US colonies.]

SOLAR ARC URANUS SQUARE UK Mars in 8th – 1930, more or less at the same time as SOLAR ARC MC SQUARE UK NEPTUNE: – the Great Depression arrived on the back of the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

One way or another momentous events, with loss of face, dents to national pride and financial hardship. Though there would be additional astrological influences for all of the above occasions which are not recurring this time round.


Add on: From Hugh: ’During a previous occurrence (of Uranus in Taurus)  in the early 1600s Elizabeth 1 died and the Stuart dynasty united the thrones of England and Scotland. Roll the clock forward to the late 1680s and Uranus was in Taurus when the Glorious Revolution occurred. It was there again in the early 1770s in the run up to the American War of Independence and the loss of the American colonies.For me though the big similarity looks to be the comparison to the Uranus transit of Taurus between 1515 and 1523 which also occurred when Pluto and Saturn were in Capricorn and formed a Conjunction in January 1518. That occurred at the start of the Reformation and had huge global significance not just for the UK but also for the entire planet.’

October 2017 post on Uranus through Taurus: Uranus, on its 84 year cycle, moves into Taurus May 15th 2018 staying for 7 years, the first time since 1934 to 1941.   Uranus is inventive and experimental and Taurus is earthy and practical, so no surprises that on previous occurrences there were new discoveries. In the later 1930s there were major advances in technology in aviation, radio, and film. On a previous occasion, in the late 17th Century, street lighting was introduced in London. There was also widespread exploration across the globe and major advances in astronomy, including the first sighting of Uranus (which was mis-named). Taurus being earthy and quite anal, no surprises either that sewage systems and toilets came to the fore.

Taurus is also acquisitive for money and possessions so from past experience trade became a pressing and not always compassionate drive. During the Uranus in Taurus of 1600 England starts trade with Asia; two Uranus in Taurus later it moves into Bengal with catastrophic results for the population; 2 million die in a famine and the East India Company raises their taxes and ships the revenues out of the country! The Same Brit company then takes over the North American tea trade, which leads, due to their punitive taxation, into the American Revolution.

The Bengal famine narrative repeated in a different location during the mid 19th Century Uranus in Taurus in Ireland. The potato crop failed, which starved a million to death and a million emigrated, with the British overlords, who were partly the cause of the population’s reliance on one crop, continuing to send foodstuffs to the UK. And that is a wound which has never healed.

It isn’t easy to extrapolate the effect of Uranus in Taurus from other influences ongoing. The mid 19th Century Uranus in Taurus came on the back of a Saturn Pluto Uranus conjunction in late Aries/Taurus, so was always going to be a time of upheaval and devastation.

The most similar to this one would be the 1767 Uranus in Taurus with Pluto in Capricorn about to oppose Saturn in Cancer, with Neptune in Virgo. Apart from the horrors of the Bengal famine, James Watts’ steam-engine inventions drove the Industrial Revolution into being; and the first mechanical spinning frame for fabric weaving also appeared.

The most recent 1935 to 1941 Uranus in Taurus came on the back of the Great Depression of the decade following 1929, with widespread poverty and unemployment leading to authoritarian regimes emerging in several countries, most notably German with Hitler rising to power from 1933; and Stalin’s Great Purge of 1936-38 with 600,000 being executed in Russia by the state.

In 1935 Uranus was just over the square to Pluto in Cancer, so not dissimilar to now – and it ended with a Saturn Uranus conjunction trine Neptune in Virgo in 1941. Territorial greed is clearly also one of its manifestations; as well as inhumane methods in the pursuit of power.

Overall conclusion would be good and bad. Innovative yes. Power and money hungry also.

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    • Do you mean the Cardinal Ingresses? Those who use(d) them could never decide whether Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn was the important one.

  1. Marjorie and Hugh, thank you, this is incredibly insightful! I would add the fact that during this cycle of Uranus in Taurus, we’ll also experience Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus square. I’d say that if you only follow one celestial body in Mundane Astrology, it should be Saturn. Saturn aspects to outer planets in particular. Recent Saturn in Sadgittarius square Neptune in Pisces was a prime example of this. We saw manipulation of refugee movements for political purposes and rise of fake news.

    Saturn should be, generally speaking, comfortable in Aquarius, but the square to Uranus in Taurus has almost a Luddite feeling to it. However, it’s not easy to predict how this will work out, since you actually have to go back to 1770-1771 for the first Uranus in Taurus square Saturn, and in that case Saturn was in Leo. This one saw change in Monarchy. American Revolution was already very much brewing, Marie Antoinette married Prince Louis-Auguste (in a wedding leading to 100 deads in a stampage), in Sweden Gustav III ascended to throne… I think there may have been a true turning point on how general public saw absolute monarchy around that time, people starting to genuinely question it for various reasons. I’m expecting questioning technology here, with more and more people realizing it’s not other, less privileged human beings taking their jobs, but machines.

  2. To summarise:
    Uranus in Taurus:
    13th century – first fledgling steps towards democracy in England.
    15th Century – financial crisis in England following two coronations.
    16th century: The Reformation, Martin Luther; with Henry V111 splitting from Rome a decade later.
    17th Century: Early on – Elizabeth 1 dies, Scotland unites with England/Wales.
    Late – William of Orange, last successful invasion of GB as Dutch Protestants take over. Beginning of English Parliamentary democracy and end of absolute monarchy. Although the Dutch were initially the conquerors, the resulting economic integration and military co-operation shifted the dominance in world trade from the Dutch Republic to England and later to Great Britain.
    18th Century: Loss of USA colonies which led to the Second British Empire as new territories were sought.
    19th Century: Taiping Rebellion, bloodiest conflict, 20 million dead. Followed the 1848 Year of Revolutions in Europe, pushing for liberal democracy.
    20th Century: The Great depression, Rise of fascism, WW2
    21st Century – split of GB from EU (amongst other things).

    (For some weird reason my software has different dates when pulled off the ephemeris and when done on the chart calculation. Not sure why.)

    • Marjorie,

      For the sake of clarity, the Reformation led by Martin Luther took place before Henry VIII’s split with the Church. Henry VIII, then a devout and scholarly Catholic, wrote a rebuttal to Luther’s books, which led the then Pope Leo X to grant him the title of “Defender of the Faith”. It was only later, for political and not religious reasons, that he split from the Roman Catholic Church.

      Also see

  3. Thanks, Most helpful if a touch alarming. Not sure I’m up to epochal changes at the moment.
    Hugh I’ve added your thoughts into the main piece for ease of finding at a later date and reprised an earlier Uranus in Taurus run down as well.
    The old England charts, of which I reckon the 973 AD works best, all have concentrations in Fixed signs. 973 has Sun, Mars, Mercury in late Taurus square Pluto Moon in Leo with Uranus in mid Scorpio. 927 AD has Jupiter Mars Moon in Scorpio; and 1066 has Neptune in final decan Taurus.
    The 973 AD England chart is getting a fearsome shake up from 2021 onwards, peaking in 2024/5/6 just before Uranus moves into Gemini in 2026, so that fits with the UK chart as well. And the 1 May 1707 Union with Scotland also has a 20 degree Taurus Sun square Jupiter Pluto in Leo, which will also be getting a few jolts from Uranus – though there have been several Uranus transits to that over the intervening centuries and it kind of held.
    You’re certainly right about ingresses. Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 – financial collapse. Jupiter into Scorpio – almost to the day the Harvey Weinstein allegations were published and #metoo kicked off. Uranus into Aries in mid 2010, the Arab Spring erupted later in the year.
    Wonder what Jupiter into Sagittarius from early this November for a year will bring? The Jupiter in Scorpio was unexpected though with hindsight makes sense.

    • Uranus is revolutionary and radical but Taurus is a conservative sign. This leads to the rather odd situation that radical change is often intitiated by people who are not by instinct natural rebels. Both the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the American War of Independence were ostensibly about protecting existing rights and liberties. Similarly most Protestant Reformers such as Luther saw themselves as restoring the original purity of the ancient Church. The turmoil of the 1848 Revolutions in Germany led the arch reactionary Otto Von Bismarck in the 1850s to be won over to the idea of German Unification, an idea he adopted from the radicals and which he later made a reality but in a conservative rather than a liberal format. The Nazi Party had started out as a populist revolutionary organisation that saw mobilising masses of Brown Shirt thugs on the streets as the route to power. However, once Uranus entered Taurus Hitler organised the Night of the Long Knives to eliminate potential rivals within his party and to crush the power of the SA. It was essentially a counter revolution designed to win the backing of the army and German corporations for Hitler. He then harnessed these conservative groups to support his plans to build a Third Reich as outlined in his political manifesto Mein Kampf. As a consequence while we may be about to witness epoch making changes I dont thnk they will necessarily be initiated or implemented by people who we think of as radicals

      • Going back further we can see the same pattern reagrding Uranus in Taurus in the English Middle Ages.

        During the Second Barons War Simon De Montfort defeats the army of Henry III in May 1264 at the Battle of Lewes capturing both the King and the Prince of Wales, the future Edward I. Almost exactly at the point of the Uranus Ingress into Taurus in June 1264 De Montfort calls the First English Parliament to include elected Knights of the Shires and Burgesses from the towns. Uranus then retrogrades back into Aries in September 1264. The next Parliament meets in January 1265 almost exactly at the point when Uranus goes direct again at 27 8′ Aries. Uranus renters Taurus in March 1265 and in August 1265 Simon De Montfort is killed at the Battle of Evesham. However, although the rebels are crushed by the forces of the established monarchy, the idea of summoning regular Parliaments including elected representatives from the towns is adopted by the Crown and becomes established practise under Edward I and his successors. So once again the radical idea is picked up and exploited by the forces of conservatism

    • As a clue to the present I think the key point in the process of Brexit will turn out to be the passage of the European Union (Withdrawl) Act which repealed the European Communities Act 1972. The Bill passed through its final stages in Parliament in late May 2018 and received the Royal Assent in June 2018 so it coincides almost exactly with the Uranus Ingress into Taurus. If the past is any guide then whatever happens over the next few years that key element will survive for good or ill in some form. It seems that whatever is initiated by Uranus under the Cardinal Fire sign becomes established when the Fixed Earth sign takes over.

      • What fascinating insights, Marjorie and Hugh. Many thanks.

        Regarding the refugee crisis and the plight of the migrant boat people which begain in 2015; that summer, not only was Saturn in early Sagittarius in square to Neptune in Pisces, but to add to the mix, Jupiter entered Virgo, creating a mutable T-square with Saturn at the apex. The UK and Ireland experienced unprecedented flooding, the most extreme for over a century which carried on into 2016 and led to the evacuation of thousands of people from their homes. These events seemed strangely synchronous at the time – ‘flooding’ being applied to the arrival of the refugees in the popular media and press.

  4. Examination of the ephemeris confirms that Marjorie is spot on about about the transit of Uranus through Taurus being significant for the UK. During a previous occurrence the early 1600s Elizabeth 1 died and the Stuart dynasty united the thrones of England and Scotland. Roll the clock forward to the late 1680s and Uranus was in Taurus when the Glorious Revolution occurred. It was there again in the early 1770s in the run up to the American War of Independence and the loss of the American colonies.

    For me though the big similarity looks to be the comparison to the Uranus transit of Taurus between 1515 and 1523 which also occurred when Pluto and Saturn were in Capricorn and formed a Conjunction in January 1518. That occurred at the start of the Reformation and had huge global significance not just for the UK but also for the entire planet.

  5. Thank you Marjorie. I think transits to the 1801 are insightful and also Ingresses, as Hugh says, add to the picture greatly too. The repeal of the Corn Laws went into effect as Neptune passed into Pisces the last time round, which caused a split in the Tory party (the modern Conservatives being a surviving faction of the original, which is why I’m never sure about a chart for them). Peel sacrificed the party for free trade, whereas Cameron did the opposite. You could argue that some of energy that reformed party politics in the past instead shifted to the country and constitution by the free will of the leaders. Uranus then went into Taurus a couple of years later, signifying a change in the country’s food resources (8th) and agriculture, fluctuating prices and more food (Taurus) coming from far outside (Uranus) the island.

  6. Personally I think it is the moment of Ingress of the outer planets into new signs which seems to have the most powerful resonance in the history of nations. Worth noting that when Uranus entered Taurus in June 1934. It almost exactly coincided with the moment Hitler consolidated his power in Germany by eliminating his potential rival both with an outside the Nazi Party during the Night Of The Long Knives. After The death of Hindenburg in August 1934 he was declared Fuhrer and became absolute dictator. The previous Ingress to Taurus in 1850 coincided with the outbreak of the Taiping rebellion one of the bloodiest events in Chinese history. So this event is likely to be significant for more countries than just the UK.

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